Why are we creating BrainySpace?

We love chess!

We love chess. Our singular focus is to make chess practice fun. We are leveraging our experience in teaching gifted children, chess coaching, and software development, to make chess practice more fun.

Different people, different goals

We love chess. At BrainySpace, we get that not everybody wants to become a professional chess player. We get that you want your kid's childhood to have a balance between fun and learning. We get that you want your kids playing chess because it has useful side-effects like aiding intellectual growth, strengthening memory, developing pattern recognition, promoting concentration and instilling discipline. We get that different people play chess for different reasons.

It's personal

We love chess. We die a little inside every time we see beginners give up on chess because it takes time and practice to become good at it, to enjoy the game, and to start winning. we wince when we hear the words "I learned how the pieces move but never really played much chess." we feel jealous when gamification aspects used for chess coaching are nowhere as appealing and fun as engaging games like Temple Run and Angry Birds.

And finally ...

Oh, and finally, did we mention we love chess?

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