We are on a journey to make chess practice effective and fun! We have designed our program as a supplement to coaching and live play. We 'gamify' chess practice and mix in cross-training exercises to make chess practice engaging. Here are some benefits to our approach:

Time well spent

Kids will want to practice more chess. And playing chess has positive effects, like aiding intellectual growth, strengthening memory, developing pattern recognition, promoting concentration and instilling discipline.

Working on weaknesses

We understand that you want your kids to work on their weaknesses, while they prefer practicing what they already know. We monitor your child's progress in several categories - memory, pattern recognition, reasoning - and incentivize him/her to spend time shoring up their weaker areas.

Collaborating with parents

Children will thrive and advance if parents, coaches and Brainy Space work together. We will measure, monitor and report on your child's progress regularly. We report on categories like persistence, memory and creative thinking, rather than present you with one number like a rating. We will communicate regularly with you to maximize your child's potential.

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