We love chess. Our singular focus is making chess practice fun. Our three main tools for making chess practice more fun are:

Our passion for chess

Our passion for chess means we spend hundreds of hours hand-crafting the syllabus, ensuring we choose the most artistic and effective techniques. Our passion for chess means we weave rich stories into our narratives in order to engage children. Our passion for chess means we are constantly searching for better ways to inspire the next generation of chess players.


Let's face it. Kids love video games. All sorts of time-wasting video games and apps involving mindless tapping and button mashing. What if you could turn your kid's untapped gaming potential into a Harvard scholarship by making them chess legends? Until now, chess has painted a dismally boring picture where two kids sit around staring at a checkered board containing wooden pieces. So, let's change that and make it a series of button-mashingly fun video games that enhance their cognitive and analytical skills!


Cross-training refers to a training routine in which areas other than the area of focus are targeted,with the goal of improving overall performance. BrainySpace is designing chess exercises with the aim of improving overall mental fitness. Each of our training activities helps exercise mental faculties in isolated groups. We know that this 'mental' cross-training, just like in physical sports, will reduce boredom and increase exercise adherence in chess too.

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